Just got done watching the movie and its so harsh for girls in middle school. I guess it goes for elementary & high school as well.

Why are girls more catty than boys? Why is it so hard for girls to get along?

Maybe it has to do with self esteem issues that we go through or the level of hormones we carry in body. I think its sophomoric and we should all put our guards down and learn to get along.

I know girls that know me who pretend not to know me when face to face. Why is that?

I also know about a girl who knows me and is friends with my exer and bbms him when she sees me @ my club working. she apparently got a drink from me and bbms my exer (we were together @ the time) to tell him that she got a drink from me. Who does that?

I remember when I used to be with my exer bb, this other dumb bitch C saw me @ Mood & messaged him saying she sees me.

crazy bitches! Stop keeping tabs on me cause you have nothing better to do, or come up to me & say hi and introduce urself!

Learn to have confidence and don't hide behind ur shadow cause u have low self esteem!


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"I'm hard to remember, but impossible to forget"


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