Question to my Heart

Dear Heart,

What happened to my relationship? How did I go from being hopelessly in love to be irritated by the thought of him? If I could go back to last year and feel the way I felt, I would love that, but I know it is nearly impossible after all the hurt words and hurt feelings and we’ve endured.
Please help me figure out what made me this way, I don’t want to blame him nor do I want to blame myself, but I must hear the truth.
What made me stop falling in love? What made me resent him? What made me dissatisfied of our relationship.
I know we argued a lot but when things were good, they were fucking amazing! We laughed and had a lot of joyful moments that now that’s all I can think about.
What’s done is done and i’m gladly remembering the good times I seemed to forget when we were together…

One response

  1. what happened is that you were happy, then you moved into together, then got annoyed with each other, then separated, then moved in together.. (if i am correct). sometimes the hurtful words are what keep you together. if you think about it, he has said things and so have you before right?….and you got back together right? there must be a reason.dont blame either of you for this problem. . . its completely normal. it's just, if you decide to work on you guys or not. sometimes i want to stone my BF. he pisses me the fuck off and sometimes i annoy him and he annoys me, to the point i want to kill someone. . .or him.but the thought of spending my life without him scares me shitless. because i love him… and i know if we break up, i CAN love someone else. but NO ONE is a duplicate of the man i KNOW i love.and this comes from a girl that argues with her man, EVERY DAY.even now we are fighting.. but we love each other.think about it.

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