Detox Rundown

So Day 1 was super hard. I spend most of my day in bed because I didn’t want to use extra energy I didn’t have to.

By the time 5:30pm rolled around, I ate my first fruit.

Damn the apricot was heavenly, I didn’t want to over indulge so I just ate one till I really needed another. Which was 3 hours later when my aunt came home and started to reheat the food she cooked in the morning.

Oh I forgot to mention, I woke up smelling Daen Jang Ji Gae and Uen Dae Goo Jo Rim.

I resisted of course.

I went to bed strenuously, maybe it was the nap plus the breakup plus the hunger pains.

I woke up Thursday am starving!!!!! I had cramps in my belly from being so empty. It like my stomach was scraping whatever particles left in my belly to digest or burn!
I got ready for work and took off with 1 banana, korean gochus and an apricot.
I ate the banana when I got to work and had 2 gochus. Didn’t even have to eat anything else til I got home.
I also went poopie too! which is a surprise cause I would think I would have nothing to poopie out!
I stopped by whole foods and got a whole lotta greens!
Mixed Salad Greens, broccoli, lemons, mangos, asparagus, garbanzo beans, red radish, grapes, green bell peppers and alfalfa sprouts.
I came home and made my first salad. Note to self: Aspargus raw is no bueno!
Salad was ok, I just ate it and didn’t think twice about it. I had a mango few hours later and went over to my friend’s house.
Well, her and her hubby had spaghetti, I just sat and watched and drank my water. We then had grapes later.
I came home and I wasn’t really hungry. I knew it was going to be easier now. Although throughout the day, everytime I got up I got dizzy, so I know I needed to eat more.
Today I woke up and I wasn’t hungry. I woke up around 830am and wanted to go back to sleep so I put off eating. When I realized I wasn’t tired I decided to make my salad.
My dear mom and aunt had boiled my beans for my this morning since they were soaking in a bowl of water overnight so they were ready and warm!
As I was eating my salad (last pictured) I was disgusted and feeling intolerant. I don’t really like sour or salty things so the lemon squeeze for my dressing was unnatural and unappetizing. The alfalfa sprouts in my salad was a bad idea too.
i ate it with might and after I was done, I was actually satisfied and full. Not that it was tasty or anything, but it felt clean and slender.
I know I’m not a salad person, so I don’t really wanna eat salads anymore but I don’t think I have a choice.
I’m not looking forward to work tonight since I need all the energy I can get, so my plan is to eat a lot of beans and take a ziploc of beans to work to have in case I feel weak. I just hope I don’t fart a lot.
So, so far so good, not hard but definitely NOT easy. At the end of one day I feel better that I’m going to the next and I only have 4 more days left! WOOHOO!
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