Last day?

Today is day 7 for me and I’m feeling oh so great!

i slide into my size 24 R&R jeans and with room to wiggle!
It doesn’t dig into my stomach anymore and I don’t have to do the jean dance to squeeze them in!
These were my ultimate skinny jeans and now it just fits SO PERFECT!
Well, the past 7 days, I’ve enjoyed to watch people around me eat delicious foods.
From M cafe, Lucille’s, King Taco and home made goodies from home and Korean of course!
But like Kate Moss once said, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”
AND no, I’m not becoming this whole crazy Hollywood think type of figure, cause I still got my curves, but I still need to look good right?
I’m just approaching life on a healthier note. This was to kick start my weight loss and help me tone up once I start doing Jim, which is tomorrow.
So I’ll keep ya’ll posted, cause I’m really loving this raw lifestyle and may keep going. Did you know that Demi Moore is a raw foodist? Here are more that are: CLICK HERE.
As for poopies… well I wondered how I was going to get anything out from down there, but it’s been pretty regular.
And lemme tell you this, it doesn’t smell! Neither do my farties. I know this is gross, but this is the stuff girls wanna know. Now you can silently farties and no one will know cause it won’t smell!
Who wants stinky stuff coming out of us anyways….
I do want to jump into eating King Taco and burgers and pasta, but the sake of my body, I will introduce carbs slowly, or maybe not at all for the next month.
Who knows, I’ve come this far and it’ll suck to just throw it all away!
Wish me luck everyone, this is a life change!

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