Benjamin in my Life

Saying Good Night to my Kieselstein Cord shades… you’ve been wonderful and I shall bring you out again when I wear gold tones.

But then again I need to get new lenses since they are soooooo scratched!

I love getting packages.. but this one was not so great since I had to pick it up from the USPS office! That defeats the surprise in front of my door~!

LeeLeeLu in LA

I love the gold wrapping!

And a nice card…. I almost didn’t see it!

Love them already! The lining is purple!

How perfect!

Stunna shadessss

Loving my new shades! Thanks to for the rec!

I could never wear plastic frames since my lashes would hit the lenses but not these!


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“I’m hard to remember, but impossible to forget”

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