Flannel DON’Ts

So this is exactly why I steer away from flannel.

Even though there are MANY great color combinations, I don’t want this to happen when I go out.
These pictures are all from the same venue on the same night.

Even people not in the direct shot, has a flannel on! (2nd pic in the purple)

I like the style, but it’s just not for me. I’ve always been hesitant on shopping at places I know all the girls like to go, or even picking out things I know girls would LOVE to wear out. I’m more of a one of a kind, kind of girl

I have 1 flannel in my closet, and it’s RARE that I wear it and when I do, I know NO ONE else has this or will have this on…

La Rok

The back has a gold chain tassel thingy

What I’m wearing is a CUTE and uncommon flannel.

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