Vanilla Bake Shop

2 spicy carrots
2 red velvets
1 chocolate vanilla bean
1 banana nut

First of all, I got 6 to take some home for later, but these bites size cupcakes are so freaking good, I had 3 in one sitting and the other person had 3.

So now I have none to take home…. So sad

All the flavors were so delicious that the red velvet was just mediocre.

Usually I love red velvet but not when we have spicy carrot cake & chocolate vanilla bean!!!

Omg this place is a must try!!! Off of Wilshire & between 5th & 6th in Santa Monica. Yummy cupcakes is just a block away and I've been there before but idk why I never noticed this place!!!

If you love sweets cause apparently I do now (since I'm off my nuvaring) you must try!!!!!


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