3 to 1

So I was enrolled in 3 classes just few weeks ago. 2 on waiting list and 1 enrolled.

Creative writing was the one I was enrolled in. English 102 and Intro to Ethics on waitlist.
I went to my English 102 class on the first day and was booted cause some girl came in late. (Fucking Bitch)
I couldn’t go to my first day of my Intro to Ethics class since I had to work that night. And the book for the class is $120! So I decided to NOT take the philosophy class, since I won’t be getting money for school this semester since I DID NOT FILE my 2009 taxes yet.
How crappy is that? So, I do NOT want to be wasting my own money on textbooks this semester.
I was planning on attending the English 102 class tomorrow to see if anyone dropped, but maybe I should just take a chill pill and NOT try to do so many things at once.
I find it difficult to get any reading/studying done with my lifestyle now and maybe 2 English classes are a bit much?
So I’m at 1, at least I’ll have the privilege to register earlier next semester and get the classes I REALLY need.

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