My first day doing JIM at Equinox and I love it! I swear people, if you join Equinox, remember to tell them Violet Kim referred you! We will both get $$$!

Anywho, the facility is freaking awesome and it’s never that crowded. It was my first day today but I went after work and it wasn’t. Thursday? Mostly people wanna get their work out in before the weekend comes, so they can drink like it’s 1999!
I got there around 5pm, changed and started stretching. I had to manage my time since spin class started at 6pm.
I hopped on the treadmill and planned to run for 15 minutes, but as I was hitting 12 minutes, some dumb blonde bitch with lip injection worse than the cat women starts tapping on my screen. I had my music blasting so I didn’t hear what she was saying. She was pointing at some note on the machine. I realized she was telling me that I needed to get off, because the treadmills with the orange paper was used for the Tread and Shred running class. I told her to hold one cause she fucking interrupted my rhythm. I finished up and got on the stairmaster.
Ahhhh the stairmaster, been over a year since I’ve been on one! I love it! I think that’s why I have a decent butt cause when I was younger, my parents dragged me to Sequoia while they used the spa and JIM and I either had to join the work out or hang out with whoever I saw there. I’ve always hated running, so I just always used the stairmaster! Thank you to my parents who dragged me there!
I ended up on it for less than 10 minutes since I was getting tired, so I went back to stretching and did about 150 crunches.
I had 10 minutes to spare so I dropped off my shuffle and headed to spin class just to adjust the seat and set up the clips.
The instructor came in shortly and I just stood there with my heart beating hard. I don’t know if it was because I was nervous or because I almost finished my americano on ice.
I told him it was my first time and he helped me get set up. Prepped me for what was about to come and said it would be ok to go at my own pace.
His class was off the seat so I tried, but sat most of the time. I couldn’t believe how intense it was! Sweat was dripping off my face, I felt like I was going to fall forward when standing and sitting, my crotch was hurting! They need more cushions on the seats!
I couldn’t believe I survived the full 60 minutes of class, but when I was done, I was relieved and proud that I was able to keep up.
The instructor also mentioned that I did a good job, but then again, I’m sure he only said that so I could probably come back to class. More spinners, more need for him to teach the class.
I think I need to invest in spinning shoes….
I still feel like jello.

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  1. my gochoo hurts too that's why i always do it up off the seat when my instructor says to.. but when she yells at us to turn the knob i just pretend that i've turned it 😉 each class is like 800-1000 calories i heard! i wish we could work out together booo… GOOD Job on finishing your full workout, though! a lot of people give up and walk out. high five honey bun, keep it up!

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