Day of Rest

Will you kill me if I didn’t do JIM today?

I came home at 4am after a late night meal with my bffs and a secret stop so worth the extra calories….
And I woke up at 9am and tossed and tumbled til 12pm
I finished my leftovers and now I’m just full and in bed.
My facebook won’t load and I’m feeling oh so bored.
I just poopied and weighed 108.5 pounds.
I wanted to take the spin class at LA fitness at 530, but a nap sounds so good right now.
As I lay here, my eyes are droopy and a calm sense has taken over my body minus my fingers.
I’m in the mood to be nosey but I obviously can’t be cause fb doesn’t work.
So will you kill me if I took a nap before work?
I mean, I WILL be burning calories at work, right?
Oh damn, I need to wear my new uniform which bears the unbearables.
We shall see.

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