Father Figure

So here it goes. I know it’s a lot for any man or woman to date someone with a child. That is why I opt to date childless men.

So going forward with my point, if you decide to date someone with a child and the relationship gets deeper and some time has passed, know that your personality isn’t the only thing in the game.
Not only do you have to be good to the person you’re dating but to the child too.
For me, I look for qualities of a great father figure or whatever you want to call it. If I’m going to be spending my time and my son’s time with you, YOU better be a great example to us and especially Tyler.
I need you to be ATTENTIVE, SUPPORTIVE and most of all ACCOMMODATING.
#1 thing that makes a family work, working together and helping each other out.
If you don’t try to make it easier for your partner, why would they need you in the first place?

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