Impromptu Birthday Drinks

I always loved the Katana’s outside patio, haven’t been there in over 4 years! Last time was my 23rd Birthday with my almost birthday twin, Monah….

It was last minute and honestly, those turn out the best usually!

The boys

His “O” face

My turry & I

Our 1800ml bottle of sake on ice

Ordered other foods, but forgot to take pics because were were too busy stuffing our faces. But remembered to take pic of my fave! UNI!

The most beautiful sisters in the world!

He was talking about the minimum size for his pleasure

Birthday Cake!

Sits like a lady….

Sits like a man

The girls!

Take 2



I can’t help myself

After dinner we went to Here. Yes Here, the lesbian club. AND CRAZY VIOLET came out and joined the fun on the dance floor! I can’t even start to write how fun the night was. You had to be there.

I love last minute planning and I love lesbian clubs.

This is what happens when you party too hard!

I hate that it’s the first time I wore the report boots (pictured a while ago) since I bought them many months ago and this has to happen! Fuck!

And this was from just standing! NOT even on the dance floor!

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