Walking with Dinosaur Day

I picked up Ty’s friend (friend’s son) and had lunch at CPK!

I was happy to see Tyler eating most of his food in competition to his friend. Boys like to outdo themselves….
Because they were such good boys, they got to share a sundae

Take 2

We had the BEST seats!

It says row 5 but the first 3 were blocked so we were in the 2nd row!

After getting some things at the gift booth, we found our way to the seats

Look how close we were!

Couldn’t imagine being on the very top

Where the dinosaurs entered

That was the stage

What are they looking at?

Such cuties!

C and his toy

He wanted the lanyard, IDK why

Can’t wait til they grow up!

Forgive me, I don’t remember the names of the dinosaurs


IDK these either


It was super fun for the boys and just ok for me. I guess this is what parenting is. Doing things even tho I may NOT enjoy it all the time.

I was just happy to see the boys happy!

Next time, I have to get more than 4 hours of sleep!

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