Ok, you all know I’ve been working at the dentist office for over a year now and I’ve been assisting here and there for the first year and permanently since July 2010.

I know MY mind is always in the gutter but I refrain from “showing” my perverted side (unless with my close friends) during normal hours.

So here are some phrases that the doctor always says that makes me giggle and laugh like a little girl inside.

“Pull out a little bit”

“Just the tip, don’t squeeze it”

Ok, so here’s the sucky part. You all know I have bad memory, and I’ve been wanting to blog about these phrases for a long time but I just simply kept forgetting. So yesterday, I wrote them down as soon as the doctor would say it and stick it in my pocket for later.

I left my scrubs at the office and went into the pocket to grab them and IT WAS GONE!

I had more than 2 phrases I wanted to share, but that’s all you’re gonna get now.

But tell me, how could you NOT think those things sound sexual?

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