Another One Bites the Dust

So i keep getting the emails, and I keep checking my trash to see if I got an email.

I guess I’d like to read it when I want to as oppose to attacking me via cell.
Here it is: my response is italicized
Sat, Sep 18, 2010 at 3:11 PM

I failed to realize, no I knew but I swallowed everything, ur son, ur divorce, ur work, AND I supported ur career. (And you obviously didn’t want to because you had to swallow it?) n was proud to be with u! Cmon I took lot of ur shit past fckn year!!! I’m not pissed at all! Maybe lil disgusted by u but no not mad, I’m gonna say it again, nice n kind person I am, I was willing to give it another try!! (Give me a another try? Did I ask for it?) Don’t u fckn get it violet?? its not cuz I didn’t get what I wanted, I felt like u owe me a apology for LYING!! AGAIN, u PROMISED!! (What did I lie about? Yah I said, I wasn’t going to talk to my dong sang when we were together. We’re broken up.) Get it through ur shallow brain, regardless our break up, its the PRINCIPAL and u know exactly what we’re talking about. (Actually no, I don’t know what you’re talking about)
And please.. with tyler?? I’m not saying shit to hurt ur feelings, and ur feeling should not be effected by it if u know deep in side ur heart ur giving him everything u have!!!
(Of course it does, I’m his mom, and that is your opinion.) I’ve always wanted to say this to u, but never talk about it cuz he’s ur son and didn’t want to fight about it, and when I see u interact with ty, it always reminded me about how I would NEVER have a child with u. (Well now we have an agreement, because I would NEVER want to have a child with you.)
I’m not sure if its possible with ur shallow brain but Learn to fckn appreciate, and forgive!! Only reason I’m writing back is cuz I’m so amazed by how ur brain works,
U don’t deserve me, u may have eaten at nice plc and wear nice qualities but as a person u have no qualities, look I never wanted to talk to u this way, cuz its just not me, but ur so arrogant I just have to step down to ur level,
Why don’t u blog about how u lied so many times n post up my last night email too??? Aren’t u real and u have no secrets?? If u don’t remember all the lies u made I’m can gladly remind u in detail. Shut up with “I didn’t trust u from the start” cuz u know I did. (Yes, I’m not denying and I did post your email. So you didn’t man up and I got a guy’s number. I said I didn’t fuck him and I didn’t. You refused to believe me and that is your problem.)
I’m a loser cuz I’m not making enough money?? Please shut the fck up, I’ve worker longer n harder then u have! U were nothing but a spoiled child who got whatever the fck u wanted, u think ur so much better? “Riches to rags” U were never fckn rich, it was ur parents! And ur ex husband who provided for u, (Does my title say MY riches to rags? NO, I meant it as a lifestyle not my money. I don’t claim shit that ain’t mine. And my parents provided for my ex husband, so technically still in my family.)
Maybe things will finally get better for u with ur show, and finally you’ll touch some money, instead transferring money from my account! show ur only doing cuz only want the “money”, you’re shallow arrogant materialistic. (I transferred back and who cares if I’m doing it make money. I know what I need to do to where I need/want to be)
Hopefully you’ll learn from this experience and with ur next relationship, u can treat with some respect and control ur emotion n content with ur feelings. (Why is it always, “with ur next relationship?” Haven’t you heard of being single?)
And shut the fck up about u wanted to be “friends” you fckn went out rite next day n went on nice dinner with some other fck, on tuesday u came home n trashed our pic, closed the account, n if u sincerly wanted to end on good term u shouldve sit down n talk about it in calm adult manner n with some respect.
(I had dinner with Jennifer of tuesday. We were broken up before my birthday, before palm springs, so why does it even matter what i did or who I was with? And why would I want to be with someone I have to explain things to?) When I told u I was leaving thursday and you said “ok”
Get it straight, it was u who made it ugly, when I said I was leaving thursday, n yes I wrote emails cuz I found out about ur lies n needed some answers.
So with all ur behavior u made, and I was na├»ve and found out about u lied, how the fck were we gonna be “friends”
I’m sorry if I accused u and u didn’t fck YET. Don’t matter ur a LIAR!
U can blog and talk shit about me. And cover ur self up.
(I don’t need to cover up. I’m responding to everything you’re saying.) And I understand cuz that’s just one of ur symptoms.
Remember, I didn’t talk about tyler to hurt ur feelings but out of consideration, hopefully you’ll change the way u show ur affections, I work with kids n love kids and love tyler.
After ur completely over it, u should read over the shit u wrote n I wrote.
Now go to ur new boy toy and get some more attention, n go talk some more shit.
Laters LIAR! (Bye!)

P.s u know what ur prob is dealing with prob??minus ur symptom about can’t maintain healthy relationship?
Ur fckn boy crzy. (Hey, I’m the one that told you that.)

I really don’t mean to clutter ur days with my exer drama but he needs to really stop it. Can believe he’s still responding. Remember? I always had the last word.

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