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I’ve gotten a lot of emails from random fans who I’ve became friends with or just stayed on a reader/fan basis.

I met this girl who wrote me an email 3 years ago and we talked here and there on aim and email. More recently we started talking on the phone and had gotten a bit close.

Not as close as most friendships, but close enough to call and talk on the phone regarding different issues in our lives.

Around a year ago, (I could be completely off since my memory and my consciousness of time lapse sux) I told her I wanted to hook her up with my cousin. She had sent me pics of her and she was really pretty.

I gave them each other’s screen name and they started talking. Weird thing is, they tried to meet up several times and it never worked out.

I tried to meet her few times and once I flaked and the 2nd she flaked.

The 3rd time was for my birthday at Katana’s. She had been asking me to hook her up with my hubby for fun and I thought it would be an interesting mix to bring her out with all my friends.

Deep down inside, I knew she wasn’t going to show up.

I’m not usually one to NOT trust someone if they haven’t done anything to me specifically, but they way she talked and promised things seemed so absurd.

She invited me to trips here and there, opened up her home if I ever wanted to spend the night, knew about the luxury lifestyle that we had in common. It was like it was too good to be true. Could there be someone out there who approached me to be my friend through my blog and be real?

Is she really who she said she was? I have no reason to doubt her except for the fact that I’ve never met her. I believed in her and didn’t think anything of it until she had mentioned to me several times that she wanted to hook me up with this established guy from NP. She sent me pictures of him and kept asking me to meet up so I could meet him but she knew of my busy schedule and meeting him was 2nd after I met her.

When we finally connected our bbms and would chat often, I thought she was more real than ever. When she gave me his bbm to chat with him, i was skeptical because I added his pin and it was a girl. I forgot what name had came up but the first msg that was sent to me was, “who is this?” I just replied, “I’m sorry, wrong pin.” And deleted her.

I don’t know how you can get a bbm pin and have it be a different person.

So that is when I started to have more doubts about this girl. Maybe the pics she sent of herself aren’t her. Maybe she’s not the Bentley driving girl, UCLA Law school grad, Canadian that comes from a wealthy family who has a disposable amount of guys and money she goes through.

I didn’t know what to believe and what to think, so that is why I invited her to my impromptu birthday.

When it was past 9pm (the time she said she’d come) I messaged her. She responded, “I’m sorry, my friend can’t decided what shoes to wear, but I’ll be there soon.” 45 minutes past, so I bbmed her again and of course, another excuse. I told her, “Go figure. If you don’t come I know you’re not real.” She started to get all pissy and got offended and asked if I was threatening her. “Yes I am.” And at the drunken moment, I felt that I had every reason to say what I was saying.

And of course she never showed up.

surprise surprise.

I deleted her off my bbm and am glad that I had something like this happen to know that there are CRAZY people out there, and they are NOT just exers!

So here is the girl, she is supposedly the one on right.

and this is the guy she was trying to hook me up with.

what is this world coming to? the internet has opened many doors but also closed the door to honestly and truth.

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