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Look, I don’t meet guys on the interent, not because I don’t want to but because I have a hard time managing the ones that I meet in real life! There are just too many fish in the sea and i do not like to get mixed up in it.

So a month ago, I got this email and forgot to respond. As I was looking for the email from the girl in the post below I came across this one and now have decided to blog about it.

Here is the email:

Hey violet,
U don’t know me but u kinda know my guy (John Doe or (username) from ocmoto). I know u guys are bbm buddies but I recently saw that he had your number on his phone (which he didn’t have before). I just wanna know if he’s been hitting u up or how he even got your number. Just from one woman to another, I need to know. We just got engaged and I’m only 22 so if he’s lying to me I need to know so that I won’t have to go through years and years of heartache. I’ve had him cheat on me before and I don’t think I could go through that again. I know u don’t know me and u could really give a shit about me but I really need to know because he’s always lying to me.
And just out of respect of my privacy and the privacy of my relationship with my bf, could u keep this just between u and me? I would really appreciate it.

Anyways sorry for babbling but yeah could u email me back and let me know what he’s been saying to u?



I’m sorry I never got back to you and it wasn’t intentionally. I tend to forget about things if I don’t execute them right away.

I don’t talk to him, he’s messaged me a few times and I usually just answer with one word answers. I have NO recollection of EVER giving him my number but then again we were FB friends and my # was once on there. (BIG MISTAKE) I know he also got my pin from FB too. (Reason why I’ve deleted random people)

I never initiated a conversation with him, and he never tried to talk to me about pursuing me or anything sleezy. He would just talk about bikes and rides and his horrible weekend or whatever. And again, no full responses were given.

I’m sorry you’re or were going through this and NO girl should ever be with a man they can’t trust and I advise you to think about the decisions you’re making with your life before signing the marriage certificate.

15 days later, I got another email:

“Disregard what I wrote earlier please. I don’t need a reply because I just talked it out with him. Sorry for bugging u”

What could the douchebag have said to her to make her feel secure?

I know he wasn’t trying to “ggo shuh” me but why do things that will upset your gf/fiance?

it’s like that one time, when my exer “forgot” to tell me he got a girl’s number after hanging out with her at gge ggo ri nrb while I was finishing up work at Cercle. I picked him up from there and spend the night together. Few weeks later, he was chatting with her while I was at work and asking when she was going to come over and “play.”

Now that’s foul.

See what I mean?

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