Joie On

I went to SCP just to buy boots and luckily I found them! Before I decided to purchase the Joie's I found at Intermix, I went to every store possible.

First stop was intermix. I fell in love but wanted to know what my other options were. Then I went to burberry and fell in love again but not as hard, it was too stiff & it was the name which made me in love with the shoe. Then I went to bloomies and saw the Chanel's but I've got booties & I don't have $1300 to spend on shoes. Then I went to aldo and found a pair that looked like Joie's but it was too industrial looking and the hardware looked cheap!

I'm all for saving money but I'm against saturated brands…

I went to nordy's after and found balmain's but those too were over $1000. Thank god for bbm cause I was sending pics to my loyal fashionista catalina and she said, "you'll get over it." why did she say that? Because she recommended the aldo's and I said they look cheap. She also liked the aldo because the heel looked higher. I hadn't sent her the side view of the Joie's so I went back to intermix knowing that I wanted to buy those and sent her a side profile. She said cute, and I tried it on again and decided to get them.

They were a little (very little) scruffed so they gave my 15% off of $415. I walked outta there paying only $383.60.

I never find what I'm looking for when I'm looking and I'm glad I decided to go to SCP not knowing there was a henri bendel cause I just killed 2 birds with w stone!

Got my gift exchanged & found the boots I wanted & had lunch with my cutie patootie turry!!

Lunch was delicious too. Quattro cafe, cream of mushroom soup & salad!

To be completely satisfied with a purchase, I need to see my other options before buying on an impulse.

Although, the Joie's are the first pair I saw, I felt like I walked around the mall for no reason with my sore self and opened my eyes to things I can't afford!

Oh dear! Shopping is the devil for me!

But I love my purchase and that is all that matters!

Violet Kim

"I'm hard to remember, but impossible to forget"

Sent via torch….

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