Laser Hair Removal

I got my first laser treatment done and I can’t believe how easy it was!

I couldn’t do my legs since the color changed within the last month (thanks runyon) so NOW i have to wait 3 weeks and make sure to keep my legs out of the sun! Luckily it’s getting cooler so the urge to wear shorts is slowly going away!

I did my bikini, upper lip and underarms and was done with my session in 15 minutes!

What us girls do for beauty.  My next appointment is in a month and hopefully I only need to go a few more times.

Damage made was only $185!

Full Leg: $160 (free bikini)
Underarms: $20 but $15 this month
Upper Lip: $10

Now tell me that’s not a deal!  if you wanna go and need info lemme know!

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