Nose Job

I've been really aware of how a nose job feels the past 2 days because the bridge on my nose has been in pain.

I thought or still hope that it was a bruise. Which I have NO idea how I got it but its been so painful when I frown or do anything that makes any movement of the skin in the area or even have my glasses on.

Well tonight (shall I say this morning) after my shower I realized there was a bump and that it could be a little red. Could it be a pimple?? Am I gonna have to youtube another pimple popping session, but this time on me?

Do I have a "Akrin?" (I know that's NOT the name LO but I don't remember the name of ur hideous ingrown).

I swear this shit better calm the fuck down before I stay in like a hermit!!!

Not before the party @ myhouse this saturday! Just my luck!

It hurts just lying here typing when there is no movement in that area. Maybe its growing and the skin is stretching!

Please pray for me and my "I hope its not a pimple" pimple/bruise.


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