Star Sighting

1. Lucy Liu's love interest on Cashmere Mafia as the doctor.

I saw him eyeing me, he sat front row facing the stage and I sat front row facing East. Literally 4 feet away from each other and he wasn't obvious about it, like any "actor" would be. We met eye contact and smiled. But I had to jet.

$$$ calls.

2. Justin Chon. Didn't like his new look. Don't get the whole hooplah about him. Although still wishing him the best. I guess I just don't like guys who think they are too good for whomever.

3. That's all folks.

I may have seen some people here and there I couldn't recognize or even mention recognizing.

Not that I'm a star which I TOTALLY know I'm not, I could say I was the most well put together and interesting person there.

Oh and how could I forget the voice of heaven, Dawen! 2nd time seeing him and I just hear Usher's song, "there goes my baby" when I see him. He looked adorable as always, reminds me of a panda bear! Just wanna hug him!

But back to my point.

Everyone looked like they were trying to hard to look "fashionable" and eye catching but they were tacky and cheesy.

Motto of the year : "Effortless"

Some should really use it, from this day forward!


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"I'm hard to remember, but impossible to forget"

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