WOW,  I woke up with my nose MORE swollen and in more pain so I knew I had to go see a doctor today.

Tyler got dropped off at 630am so we slept more when he got here and woke up at 10am to go to my old dance studio.

I got there and realized most DRs would be closed so I did my usual post on FB for any nose/sinus doctors.

My friend msged me one in Buena Park which I thought would be the perfect distance for me from Garden Grove.

They didn’t want to see me because they were closing at one but I begged because I didn’t want to wait til Monday.

The doctor said yes, so I went.  Supposedly the first time visit checkup is $70 which I was ok with.

I got there and they drew my blood, took 3 xrays and NOTHING. the DR found nothing wrong.  He prescribed my antibiotics and was going to send me off on my way when he suggested to give me 3 shots.

I SHOULD’VE asked how much it was going to be but I swear I didn’t think it would be more than $200.

Well, at the end the bill was $340 and I got upset.  Upset because I had to fork out $340 which definitely was a necessity as oppose to a luxury.

The crazy part is, spending $340 on my health is more of an effect than to spend $380 on shoes.

I just spend $380 on shoes and didn’t feel guilty about spending, but as soon as the receptionist told me my bill was $340, IDK why but I started tearing.  I had to put on my sunglasses asap and hold back my stuttering voice.

It was a wake up call, a realization of where my life was and how I really needed to take care of myself and how I HAVE to work harder to be able to have enough funds for playtime and emergency health time.

As soon as I got into my car, I call my hubby and started sobbing.  I was sitting in the parking lot sobbing with Tyler in the back seat.

I don’t know if it was from the excruciating pain from the 3 shots to my ass or the detrimental effect it had on my pocketbook.

AND I know this may sound ridiculous, but this was the first time since I broke up with my exer that I wanted to call him.  ONLY because we had that bond and closeness and that he would understand how I was feeling and would be able to console me.

I know I have my hubby, but sometimes I need a man’s consoling.

It is embarrassing me to say that something so little could have such a huge effect on me but finance wise, I work hard for my money and to see it go so quickly on something I don’t want to spend on was painstaking.

I cried all the way to the hubbys and we all went for lunch. Wifey, Hubby, Tyler and me.  I felt REALLY sick after lunch and just plopped on her love sac.  My tummy was in so much pain and the hubby gave me 2 charcoal tablets to take and I passed out.  Luckily the wifey was there to play with Tylerboy and I woke up several hours later with the same stomach pain and in cold sweat.

BUT the pain in my nose was gone and the swelling had gone down!

Thank god for that!

So now i’m just feeling sick and still debating if I should show face at the event. I can’t even drink and I really don’t feel like getting primped.

Let’s see how I feel after my shower.


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