Chicago Readers!

Meet Jenny & Cassidy!

First of all, Jenny hates looking directly into the camera so we took multiple shots. 🙂 And 2nd, I LOVE adults with braces! it’s the cutest thing in the world! My daughter Terry has them and she owns it and NOW my new friend/reader Cassidy has them and look how adorable she looks!

Cassidy also reminds me of this little girl! So cute!

So the story is, my Dr. and his colleague were having dinner at my fave Korean BBQ place, Oo Kook and was sat next to this group.  

Long story short, they were visiting from Chicago and my name came up.  I stopped by before going to work after the Audrey event on Thursday and got to meet my readers!  
They saw my post about Oo Kook and decided to try it out!   
Take 2
Take 3 (I told her that we’d look at each other so she won’t have to look in the camera, or at least try)
Honestly, I didn’t know how to take it when my Dr. was texting me about my “fans” that he met.  I really didn’t know I had fans to be quite honest.  I know I have readers, and to call them my fans, I feel like I was being grandiose.

It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know that I have a consistent following and especially from Korean people.  I was very appreciative at the moment to have met them and hopefully feel this way in the future as well.  I don’t want to let anything get the best of me and be cocky, because that’s really not who I am.

Cassidy and Jenny:  Thank you for making my night and being a reader and your kind words!  I hope to not disappoint you guys and anyone else in my blog and will try to keep on doing what I know how to do best!

Hope you enjoyed your stay in LA and lemme know where your yogurt shop is!

Again, this was an amazing experience to interact with my readers and know that what I write and say and critique would and could be taken seriously


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