Thong vs. Boy Shorts

Which is sexier?

Most men prefer thongs over boy shorts for visual.

I prefer boy shorts (or underoos with back) over thongs. For comfort and visual.

I hate thongs. I try to never wear them unless I have to.

When do I have to? When I wear form fitting clothes: dresses, leggings and work out wear.

Kind of stupid cause I would think while working out you would have to wear comfortable clothes, but wearing a thong is uncomfortable!

There are times when I wear leggings, I don’t wear thongs, but only because my shirt is long enough to cover my butt 😉

I can NEVER sleep in a thong, I always change out my thong to underoos when I get home.

Compare the photos… Underoos with a back is still sexy compared to the thong, NO?

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