The 7-11 next to Cafe Bleu is swarming with homeless people ALL the time. It’s not often that I go but when I do, there’s always the same black guy opening the door for the customers as they go in and out.

Last night I needed to get cigs, so I walked over and there he was, opening the door for me. And as I was leaving he was there to let me out.

It’s rare that you see a homeless person working for money on the streets (unless in Venice on the boardwalk) usually they are holding a sign begging for money.  He asked if I had any change as I was walking out. I told him I had no cash, then he asked if he could have a cig, I of course said yes.

Within the 5 seconds of unwrapping the pack, my natural instinct was to give him more than one. I felt bad for him. In a way, it was beneficial for all of us. Aside from me being generous, I’m smoking less and I compensating him for his acts of service!

I’m never stingy with my cigs, I think of it as a good thing when people what cigs from me cause it’s less I’m smoking from the pack.

Usually guys refrain from wanting one from me because they’re the skinny kind, but the ones that are man enough don’t care.


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