Parking Nazi

I swear the valet attendant at my work is CRAZY!

I understand that he’s trying to utilize every square inch of the parking lot and want us to cram in as tight as we can, but to dictate every little move is ridiculous!

Every weekend I have to deal with his craziness. He’ll have me dancing all over the parking lot if my car doesn’t fit in the spot as he likes.

Last Saturday he made me move twice, and that’s a low number. He tells me to back up closer and closer and I have to keep reminding him that I have a camera so he doesn’t need to guide me.

He actually wanted me to get in closer than I was, in the pictures below. Not that I wouldn’t but it makes me nervous getting too close to a car.

He’s seriously so crazy… I always seem to find someone who’s a bit nazi in their own ways…




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