All Work No Play

I was asked by my producer to join him while Koream/Audrey Magazine interviewed Jay Park.

Initially when I was asked, I had no idea who he was and wasn’t interested in attending. My producer then explained and said I would have fun.



We got there super early and was able to watch the preparation and sound check of all the performers.




So many kids were waiting outside. We got there at 5pm for the interview and the kids were already waiting. The show didn’t start til 8!

I don’t ever remember going to a stand up concert as a kid. I never waited in line to get to the front of the stage, times have really changed when I see things like this.


Kids starting to come in and getting their “first come first serve” seating.



Some girl group called Blush. No comment on their music or performance.



My boss & I upstairs in the seating area.


Last night I joined the bosses and went to a Memorial Day party in the valley. I don’t know what I was thinking because it was exactly what I was expecting.

I should’ve known better to go to a party tired. I was pooped by the time it was 10pm and wanted to go home.

My other boss and his friend.


This was my view, a view of a swimming pool.


It got chilly and I had left my jacket in the car, so we hung around the firepit.



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