Double Standard

I recently met a man who piqued my interest.

I found out after we had dinner that he was separated and had 2 kids.

I’m sorry but I’m not interested. He suggested that we stay “friends” until he sorted things out.

It sounds like he likes to have his cake and eat it too.

Call me pretentious, elitist, audacious, egotistic, WHATEVER. I don’t care.

Everyone has a preference and mine is that I don’t mess with :

1. Married men (separated or divorced)


2. Men with children

I understand I am totally going against the grain cause I, too, am divorced and with child. BUT, it’s my choice.

And whether I find someone who can accept me for me is my problem. If a man doesn’t want to date/marry me because of my history, kudos to them for standing up for what they want in a relationship.

There are TOO many people who sacrifice their wants for their needs.

And for the guy who mislead me into thinking he was single, SHAME ON YOU!

I hate liars, especially the ones that omit information thinking they can get away with it.

Honestly he doesn’t even deserve this acknowledgment but I was taken back at the audacity of his character AND offended by his approach.

JUST BECAUSE I’ve been divorced and have a son doesn’t mean that I am open to meeting/dating anyone that’s in a similar situation.

I don’t know what it is about divorced men (with or without child) that they think they have a chance with me.

4 responses

  1. This is rather bitter :/
    I understand being upset about the dishonesty, but please don’t extend it to all divorced men. Of course they would think they have a chance with you, why wouldn’t they? Divorced people tend to marry other divorcees because of their common experience. They have gone through similar ordeals, and can relate and comfort one another.
    I’m not judging your preference, because we’re all entitled to our own. But don’t hold their expectations against the divorced men.

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