No Phone, No Socializing

I can’t believe I lost my phone. I NEVER lose my phone.

Ok, it’s happened once before in NY and I left it in the cab. When I got back home I decided to go as long as I can without one. I last 1 week. But during that week, I had the most rejuvenating experiences. The fact that I was not readily available for anyone was the best part! I did things on my time and my convenience.

Nowadays, we are so attached to our smartphones and even an hour without it can drive us crazy!

I’ve left my house for an errand and realized I left my phone and would drive back just to get it. That’s how committed I’ve become.

When I realized I didn’t have my phone last night I actually didn’t mind. Sometimes I like to be free from things that interrupt living life. I knew I had errands to run today and would have to do it while not having something to entertain me throughout the day.

All I kept thinking about today while out and about was, “who could be looking for me right now”?

I actually felt lonely and undesired. Going through the day and getting texts, emails, “likes” and tweets make me feel like I’m wanted or being sought out. It’s a good feeling and unnoticed when I am connected. It’s like a daily ego boost, helps the day move quicker.

I also realized that it wasn’t the social sites that I missed but the act of texting. I craved the texting.


I just wanted to interact. Send a text. Get a reply. That’s all.

I didn’t care about who was tweeting what or the photos on instagram that I was missing out on. Because at the end of the day, it’ll still be there. It’s the internet, nothing goes away, really.

But the moment when someone wants to reach you? That’s the moment. It’s not something that’s saved in some data base and available when you get the phone turned back on.

I’ve missed those chances today and that’s what I’m sad about.

A phone is an integral part of everyone’s lives. Mine especially since I do EVERYTHING on my phone. I even depend on it to wake me up in the mornings.

So here are a list of things I did not get to do because I did not have a phone:

1. Check in on Foursquare

2. Take photos

3. Blog

4. Interact with people

5. Tweet

6. Instagram

7. Use my starbucks card

8. Check in on Yelp

9. Email

10. Wake up on time

11. Check my BOFA

12. Push Ups (Push Up App)

13. Run (Nike App to measure distance)

There are things on the list I could do on my laptop but these are usually things I do from my phone, daily.

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