Sunday Funday

I went from Downey -> Cerritos -> South Bay -> Cerritos -> Downey -> Pasadena -> KTOWN -> Irvine -> Hollywood -> Downey.

Tyler’s new choir practice is really making me appreciate Maximus.

The plan was to keep him all this week since he had another day of practice added on Tuesdays but he’s also getting swimming lessons this and next week with his dad, so this week and next I will be driving the above route minus 2 locations repeatedly.

I made it to church in the am and a quick Jim sesh right after. Then I picked up Ty brought him home to get washed up and stop by a birthday BBQ. Couldn’t stay long since his practice started at 4. If I wasn’t behind schedule I would’ve arrived earlier and would have been able to hang out longer. Still wouldn’t have been able to try the BBQ from @BolsaBbq and the Mac & cheese from @Limer35 for the birthday of 1/2 of @RavenousCouple. Check out the extensive menu I got a picture of here along with their super cute set up of refreshments and corn appetizer.

We left Pasadena around 3:30pm just in time to get to Ktown by 4pm. The children get penalized for arriving late. $1/minute and from last week, we owe $20.

I decided to hang out in LA since I didn’t want to do anymore driving. As much as I love driving, the traffic in LA county drives me nuts! And especially since I don’t smoke in my car on the days I have my son, I have nothing to help me.

I had an appointment I had to take care of and after that my friend came and picked me up and we went to the shooting range. He brought his own ammo and gun (Beretta) and we made wagers on who can hit the target the best. He lost and would’ve had to take 3 shots of Patron back to back, but we bet again for double or nothing and I lost. So it was nothing.


Sunday Funday turned into Sunday Gunday!

After the range I still had couple hours to kill so we decided to grab a small bite to eat at Bottega Louie. BIG mistake because the earmuffs didn’t work so well at the LA Gun Club so when we got out of the range both our right ears were ringing and partially deaf. And to add to the noise of BL, that was not cool. We could barely hear the waiter when he was speaking and barely hear each other. But we still managed to have a great time 😉

I got dropped off at my car after and I picked my son up just in time and drove him to his dad’s. I then came back to Hollywood to see my friend again. The four hours we spent wasn’t quite enough. I didn’t stay out late since I had work and I was starting school.

This was the most eventful Sunday I’ve had in a while and probably one of the best. I got to spend time with God, family, friends and the apple of my eye.

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