Date Night

Date #…. I don’t know, too many to count.

Never been to Hyde Lounge at the Staples Center and he needed to go for work so he asked me if I cared and I didn’t of course. Hello!? X Games was going on so I’d have entertainment!

And plus I’d be with him. Boys, dirt bikes, booze and a great view. What more can I ask for, oh right an amazing date. Check!

I’ve never been to X Games before and I was super stoked, it was actually exactly what I imagined. A lot of Huntington Beach type of Americans with their tattoos and Famous Stars and Straps type of style of clothing.

Nonetheless, it was a great experience.

The lounge is in a box, 4 suite boxes in total that includes a bar and kitchen. It’s actually very cool and well worth going to for an event if you can’t get tickets.





I blurred my face out cause I look like crap


Booth view from the lounge


Started the night with the usual, Jameson on the rocks for him and Kettle Orange on the rocks for me


After the event, we walked over to Katsuya for a bite to eat and a drink.

My friend JOh has been raving about the Burning Mandarin so I had to get it. And to my surprise, it was just as good as she described it.

Make sure you try if you ever go to Katsuya. It’s spicy and not too sweet and strong! Just make sure you ask for a better vodka! Cause they use Absolut. BLeh!


My perfect date.