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It used to be LeeLeeLu, the first place I got my Benjamin Cindy. But they’ve since changed their name and I’m still in love with this place! They’ve got the hottest pair of shades in town and the cutest little store on Melrose! The Guise Archives.

Summer is here and I could NOT go another day without getting a new pair of shades since my Kieselstein Cords have been giving my problems and I’ve just had them for WAY too long. I got them back in 2005 or 2006 and that’s a long time to have a pair of sunglasses. I think I can’t let go of it because I paid so much for them. Originally they were $600 but since I got it from a store in KTOWN, they gave me a discount. Still, that’s a lot for glasses. Cartiers are about $700.

Either way, I’ve been wanting the Benjamin Aviators, but they haven’t came in yet. So I grabbed a pair of the Molly. I’ve been liking the cat eyes looks so it fit perfectly with what I was looking for. And it had a nose pad which helped me with my lash issue.

The owner was SO helpful and SO awesome! He kept wanting to make sure it sat correctly on my face.

Now that’s customer service.

This is my go to frame shop, if you’re in the neighborhood and or looking for some cool accessories, this is the place to be!

The Guise Archives

7928 Melrose Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90046






The glasses weren’t that expensive which I’m glad, so I can grab the aviators when they come in…

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