Launch Party @ktownrealitytv

Prior to heading over to Belasco for the party, we stopped by Beer Belly and a had a quick dinner. I was sad that they ran out of the foie sliders but we got to enjoy some foie mac & cheese…. yummmmm

Of course we had to start off with my favorite bottle of rose! The best tasting wine I’ve ever had!


The backdrop. Fancy but not.


A creeper shot… Thanks to Mike Le!


I’m so freaking short! And stubby. I do not like how I look. AND thank god I wore makeup! ahhahaha





Detail photo of my Chanel. Wish they got one of my Loubs


Look how fat my face is. I def. need to crank up my workouts and diet.


My lets never looked so ugly.


The amazing producers. They are like my dad… I go to them for everything, minus money lol


I sipped on Kettle while he sipped on Jameson. It was a perfect combination.



3 responses

  1. Are you crazy? You look positively radiant and you’re literally glowing!! Btw I love your new hair color you’ve def inspired me but idk if I could commit to such a drastic change I never color my naturally rich goldenish (is that even a word?) chestnut brown hair (quite light for an Asian girl I have to say.) I notice you look most radiant when you’re dating someone and they’re making you happy!!! So happy for you!!

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