Lesbian for a night

Since no one worked on Wednesday, we decided to go out for a drink.

The plan was to stop by Greystone Manor for Randy’s 30th and then hop over to weho for Here Lounge.

I ran out of time and just ended up in weho.

I got out of class at 10, and by the time I went home to get ready and got to LA to meet D and hubby, it was midnight.

I contemplated on staying home but that didn’t end up happening.







I seriously love gogo dancers. I could watch them all night.

Ran into G who calls me her wifey lol

She’s always so fun and entertaining!

We went from Here to Abbey back to Here and then gay pizza.

Look what I saw in weho!



The gay boy scene is crazy. Just straight crazy!

Half naked, good looking men. EVERYWHERE. Def, not sanitary.

They are all handsome with perfect bodies, but strictly dickly.

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