Tiger & Dog

Chinese Tiger and Dog is the poster couple for affection. They are generally free of many of the problems that plague other couples. They both have the ability to overlook negative features in each other, which helps them keep harmony in their relationship. Dog is rarely possessive. They give security to Tiger, yet allow them freedom to be who they are. Tiger ignores Dog’s natural pessimism and is an expert at cheering them up. They can have a wonderful life together full of warmth, trust and respect. They will have a lot of fun together and have a very close relationship.

In business, they will be a strong team. They are fearless and inventive and completely trustworthy. They will be innovative and radical.

When this pairing consists of a Dog man and a Tiger woman, some astrologers think this relationship won’t work, while others do. They both love their independence and are inherently fair. She loves his humanitarian views and he loves her enthusiasm, strength of character and vitality.

When this pairing consists of a Tiger man and a Dog woman, this is very favorable. He uses his strength to help her achieve her altruistic goals. They are excellent communicators and never run out of conversation. The only area of friction may be his willingness to quit his job at a moment’s notice and try something new while she worries about how to make ends meet. Aside from this issue, they get along famously and usually have a long life together.

It’s well known that attraction does not always translate into long term stability and security in a relationship. Your compatibility with a partner depends on a variety of complex factors that interact within the relationship, and your Chinese zodiac sign can help you sort through these interactions. The Chinese horoscope has been helping people in business and in life for centuries.

The Tiger is energetic and passionate. As a Tiger, you know a lot of extreme highs and lows in your emotions. Your chaotic nature is balanced by how protective you are of your friends and family. You are generous and caring when you are not caught up in your own dramas. Unfortunately you are often caught up in your own dramas.

You impress others with your power and stamina. Everyone in a room can sense the tempest that lies close by under the surface, ready to be unleashed. People respect and listen to you, usually without you having to resort to intimidation. People are drawn to you in the same fashion that they cannot stop looking at a force of nature. You have many admirers and no shortage of ability to seduce women.

Although you are proud and fierce during emotional highs, during lows you can be very depressed and require unconditional love and sympathy. You need a partner who can resist the urge to say “I told you so” and will instead comfort you with kind and loving words. Your partner needs to think the world of you so that she can buoy your self esteem when it sinks.

Dogs are steadfast and loyal, and are unfailing companions. Dogs shun the spotlight, and have no need for material objects. As long as they can keep their family safe and secure, they are content. Dogs have a need for routine, and do not enjoy deviating from schedules, although they are perfectly capable of doing so without too much anxiety. A Dog simply prefers the familiar.

A Dog is a very supportive partner to you. Although Dogs can be negative and pessimistic because they are always on their guard looking out for danger, they are far calmer than you are and will be able to settle you when you are in your moods. A Dog will never betray you with another man, which is reassuring to you because you have a passionate and nasty jealous streak.

Although you normally dislike listening to others, a Dog will prove herself to you over and over again, and you will be able to take her advice where you might ignore the advice of others. This is ultimately to your benefit. A Dog will be content to stay home and perform domestic duties while you are out with other pursuits.

This relationship has a lot of potential to be satisfactory to both of you in the long term. As long as you remember to keep each other’s differences in mind, and are willing to compromise a little, this will be a happy and long lasting relationship.

Dog/Tiger Love Match
If ever there were a karmic love affair, it would be between these two souls. The Tiger and the Dog are naturally drawn toward one another and interact with encouragement and generosity. The Tiger is the emperor and the Dog, the prime minister.

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