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I tried to post this in the comment section of YouTube but it didn’t work, so here it is:

As a non-Korean, who was born and raised in
LA/K-Town, the changes over the years have been amazing to see.  K-Town is definitely a more lively place than when I lived there.

The show clearly does not represent the vast majority of hard working Koreans who live in the community just as Snooki and the gang do not represent all the hard working Italians living in New Jersey.

K-Town is for entertainment purposes only and is targeting a specific demographic group.
It’s about young people “doing their thing” until they grow up, settle down and start living a life that might be considered boring to others.

Rather than condemning the show after one episode it might be better to offer constructive criticism and wait and see how the show evolves.

And you also have the option to ‘change the channel’ and watch something else.

Let & Let Live.


From the user Rod. R.


Thanks for the comment, I guess. This would’ve been better if he was able to post it on the YouTube video. No idea why it wouldn’t work.

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