Double Standard

People are stupid.

Personally, I don’t care what people have to say about my appearance because I know when I look good and when I look like shit. I’m the first person to make fun of myself when I fall in the latter category.

But what bothers me the most is that women are depicted WAY more than men.

Not just me, but women in general are criticized more than anyone. Even more than transvestites!

(Not talking shit, just pointing out as an example) No one mentions that Danny Cho is overweight or how ridiculous the hair on Prohgress and J-Splif looks?

But since this is my blog, I’ll talk about myself.

I read a comment on youtube on the 2nd episode.

I don’t remember verbatim, but it went along the lines of “if you want to see what happens to a girl who drinks and smoke, look at Violet”

LOL! Thanks for pointing it out! But honestly, guess what else ages people? TIME! I think I look pretty good for the age I am and all the bullshit I went through in life. Has the drinking and smoking been an integral part of my aging? I don’t think that can be an answer that can be proven. But As much as everyone thinks I party every night and smoke like a chimney, that’s their opinion.

I don’t agree or disagree, because I don’t have to.

Hey, as long as I’m still getting hit on and guys want to date me, I’m happy.

I’d rather be in my position than to be a twenty something gogo dancer/import model with fake tits, cake face and bikini wearing “model” at car shows who do “favors” for men in the industry to get a cover.

With that said, yes, I know my body isn’t banging but the things I lack don’t make me who I am as a person. All the aesthetic traits are forgivable, character & integrity isn’t.

I don’t care about the negative comments. I have been prepared for this since age 14. Every single girl who hated me growing up has taught me the strength to take it as a grain of salt. In one ear and out the other.

So, thank you for keeping your eye on me and paying such close attention to every little detail of me and my life.

I wish I had that much dedication to something. Then maybe, just maybe my book would be done!

Oh and also, it’s not scripted you fools and how would I be able to throw liquid at a girl multiple times and have her not look the same.

Wet hair is a disaster.

Back to my point.

People are retarded.

Stop using your brain when it’s not required, just sit back and enjoy and then use your brain when you go back to work-mode.

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