Boy’s Day!

My only day off and Tyler’s personal day with me.

Happened to fall on the day after his birthday so I picked up his friend and took them to go see Ice Age 3-D.

I’ve had 2 tickets to the theater since Christmas that I won in a game and since I don’t like the movies, what better way to use them? On the kids of course!



After the movie I wanted to feed them something good but they begged for McDonalds and said it was 4 (each arm) against 2. They said they out numbered me and I just couldn’t argue with 2 boys.

The plan was to go to Jump n’ Jammin’ after. They were super excited and couldn’t keep their shoes on when we came through the doors.

They ran in and now I’ve lost them.


Thank god for my charger cause my battery was dying.



Sitting against a wall in a corner while random styrofoam balls fly my way!

Finally Tyler came to check in.

And grab some balls…



I should’ve brought a book. I completely forgot how bored I’d be.

At least I have my phone. Maybe once it’s charged, I can go play in the playground too. That slide looks mighty tempting.


After the playground we got dessert at Cheesecake and the boys swam at the house.






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