Make A Wish!

I picked Tyler up after all my errands today.

I made sure to get him a cupcake so he could blow out a candle for his 8th birthday, with me.

I’m not much of a traditional mom and I blame my parents’ parenting for that.

Being an only child, everything was usually just given, as a matter of fact.

It’s my birthday? “What would you like?”
It’s Christmas? “what do you want?”


“I want this for my birthday, I want that for Christmas”

That’s how it went. No gift wrap, no element of surprise.

Not even my first car 😉

Well, I can see where I’m getting my habits from.

At least Tyler has his dad and his fiancé for that.

I’m going to be the realist with him. They can fluff life for him.

My beautiful son was so tired he fell asleep on the way home. But when we got home and it was time to sing him the birthday song, he smiled quickly and joined in on the celebration.





I asked him what he wanted. Games for his 3DS.

Well that’s what he got!

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