Tyler’s Official 8th Birthday Party!

Thank you to Nelson and his fiancé for throwing a birthday party for Tyler and all his friends from school and the studio.

When Tyler lived with me he was still young and birthday parties included family and friends and their children.

The past 2 years they’ve been planning his official parties and it’s worked out.

Grateful to have them do this and have my family and friends participate as well.

I was late this year cause I thought I would feel awkward. Tyler being there with all his friends and their parents that I don’t know.

Ohhhh the things that I worry about being a single mom.

I asked him if he’d be upset if I didn’t go and the nice kid he is he said no. But when I asked him if he wanted me there, he exclaimed, YES! So I went. But told him ahead of him I’d come during lunch and the cake.



All the kids!!


My cousins!


My friend’s son!


Mommy & son






It was a great party once again!


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