How To Be A Man

It baffles me to know that there are “MEN” who can’t get a car under their own name.

YOU MUST HAVE GOOD CREDIT if you want to consider yourself a man.

Even to be a respectable ADULT!

Men who lease cars under their girlfriend’s credit and front as if it’s theirs really have some nerve.

You are a chump my friend and a loser and every other word that is synonymous to that.

This is for all the men who front, BUT it’s different (just a tad bit better) if you actually acknowledge that it’s because of your girlfriend that you’re even driving the car you drive.

Either is bad but the latter is a wee bit better.

I don’t care if you’re paying for the payments, because you wouldn’t even be able to drive the car if it wasn’t for your girl.

AND the fact that you were so stupid to ruin your credit just proves that you’re a complete useless being.

Be aware of what you’re doing and be fucking grateful.

The worst kinds are the ones that don’t appreciate the girlfriends who put their credit on the line for them and when they break up, they don’t pay and return the car damaged. Only to have the ex girlfriend be responsible.

It is an expensive lesson friends, please don’t loan your credit to anyone!

Be a MAN and grow the fuck up.

And if you can pay for a luxury car payment, maybe you should put that money towards getting your credit fixed.

Also there are those who use their parents or siblings.

Always check the registration when sitting in a car of a potential guy. You never know what the chump may have up his sleeve.

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