How To Be A Man

Don’t boast.

A guy that shows off is a turn off. A guy who likes to talk about himself ALL the time is worse than hearing nails to a chalkboard.

If you don’t have anything to talk about on your date other than yourself, you’ve invited more people than you should have.

I hate guys that call me and want to talk about what they’ve been doing and what they’re going to do.

First of all, actions speak louder than words, so don’t tell us what you have planned for your future about making a certain amount of money and to buy a certain car. Talk about it when you do, simple as that.

Guy: I was going to buy [insert exotic car model] but everyone told me I shouldn’t so I thought about it and they were right. So I’m not.

Really? You can’t decide on things yourself? You need to hear it from other people to make the decision? First of all, you’re only talking about it because you want people to think you’re really going to get it, when we all know you’re not.

Guys who constantly talk about money and personal belongings aren’t cool.

Guys who upload pictures of their belongings to show off have low self esteem.

Guys who post pics of other people’s belongings “pretending/joking” it’s theirs, are pathetic.

I’d rather be with a man who embraces his¬†genuinity¬†than a boy who embraces the unnecessary¬†materialistic things he does not possess.

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