Today was a busy day! I made sure to fill up the day with lots of activities for Tyler and I and it was a great turnout!

Fatlace was having a car show and my friend Max was getting my son and I complimentary tickets so we drove to the Queen Mary at 11:30.

I felt stuffy last night and my body was sore so I skipped doing Jim this am.

We got there right at noon and saw the huge line. Thanks to Max, we didn’t have to wait and got right in.

I take Tyler to the car shows because he LOVES them. He likes to take pictures and I give him pointers. The only boyish bonding time I can provide for him at the moment. 🙂

We walked around and took pictures. Most were Japanese cars, not of my interest so I just followed Tyler around until he told me he was ready to leave.

Which was 20 minutes after we had gotten there 😛

We also ran into my other friend Antonio from Motor Mavens. Chit chatted and then when on our way.





My friend who has a son Tyler’s age was having a BBQ in Los Feliz so we headed to LA.

It was a fun day for Tyler. He met a new friend and got to hang out with Ethan again. They swam, played ping pong, baseball and a board game. They all played really well and it was a great day!






There was even a guy who showed us magic because he used to be a professional magician and worked at the Magic Castle!

I had a lot of fun meeting new people and spending time with Tyler.

When it got close to 9, I told Tyler we were going home and he got so sad that he started to tear up… 🙁

I felt bad but I needed to take him home and get him ready for bed.

Next next weekend we’d hangout again, I promised.

Happy Saturday!

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