How To Be A Man

Don’t hesitate.


I walked up to a closed door, he walked up at the same time. I grabbed the door and opened it. He stood there and i think he gestured me to go first, but I wasn’t sure and there was a still moment. He then walked through the door as I held it.

No follow through. If you’re going to offer or ask me to do something, make it available until I do it.

A man should not imply an act and decide not to do it because he’s not sure if I caught on. If you want me to walk through the door first, make sure I walk through the door.

Second scenario, if you insist on paying for a meal and she offers, don’t take it.

Third scenario, if you insist on doing something for her, and she doesn’t remember and bring it up, remind her an or do it.

Don’t hesitate and have follow through!

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