Small World

Last Thursday there was a private event at Chynna for the APABA.

Couple lawyers were getting appointed as judges and they had a little shindig at Chynna.

I stopped by to say hello to my hubby NOT knowing that it had already started.

I felt out of place walking in with sandals and shorts while everyone was in suits.

When I heard that they were hosting the party and what it was for I wondered if I’d run into the man I met on the plane on a trip back from NY couple months ago.



I hung out for a bit and I did run into the man.

He sat by me on the plane and we chatted briefly. He told me he was becoming a judge and I congratulated him. We went our separate ways and who knew that I’d run into him again in LA unless I was in trouble and needed in court.

I said hello and chatted again briefly.

How random was that? Things like that only happen on movies, or to me apparently!

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