Back to School

2nd week of Fall semester and I think I have it under control.

My compulsive side wants to make sure that everything is on a cycle.

I initially registered for 5 classes. After the 1st day, I felt extremely overwhelmed so I dropped one of my classes. Most of my classes require a lot of writing and reading so I alleviated some of my work load.

I of course dropped the Logic class that I was repeating. It worked out because it was the first class on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I won’t have a gap between classes. That and I get to start my school day at 9:30am as oppose to 8am 😛

I’m taking a screenwriting, journalism, speech and a broadcasting class, which I’m enjoying so much!

Taking these classes (even though it’s been 2 weeks) have confirmed my passion for storytelling.

I’ve been participating and trying to engage in discussions so I can ask for that Letter of Recommendation if needed later on.

I’ve also been looking at different schools to transfer to and I think I have it narrowed down to a few.

My next step is to see a counselor and start preparing for my transfer.

Finally, after all these years of going back and forth with a lot of different career options, I’ve figured out what I love and excited for my future ahead!


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