How To Be a Lady

Is it still a gift even if the person giving it got it for free?

I know the monetary value of a gift shouldn’t matter and in most cases it doesn’t. Gifts come with consideration and the saying goes, “It’s the thought that counts”.

Whether you got it for free or got an item as a gift, it shouldn’t be given to someone else.

Because you don’t like it, you want to pawn it off on someone? It’s bad karma. It’s like if back luck was a tangible item and you’re just passing it on for it to be someone else’s clutter.

Re-gifting is another issue.

Personally it’s NOT my style to re-gift something and as a receiver, I’m indifferent.

It all really depends on what the gift is.

If a person is re-gifting for the sake of re-gifting because they simply do not want it in their possession, that is tactless. But if the gift is something that the other person may need/want, it can be a benefit on both sides.

If you’re going to re-gift something, please don’t tell the person and make sure the box doesn’t look like it has been opened and resealed.


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