How To Be a Man

If you frequent the gym, please do not stare at the women.

It is creepy, uncalled for and inappropriate.

Everyone including you (men) are there for one reason and one reason only, TO WORK OUT, so please save the weekend bar behavior for the weekends.

Also, don’t try to chat the women up. I’m sure there are those who enjoy getting hit on at the gym, but your being foolish. Think of it this way. If it’s that easy for you to get a girl woman at the gym when she is supposedly trying to “work on herself”, what kind of girl woman does that make her?

Obviously she doesn’t really care about herself too much to let a boy man distract her.

It’s irritating from a female’s perspective from experience and it’s annoying to watch it happen at the gym.

At least if you’re going to have a conversation that lasts more than a “Hello”, step away from the machines, weights or benches. Take it elsewhere. Be respectful to those who actually want to work out.

Thank you. And if you didn’t catch the message, don’t hit on girls at the gym and DO NOT STARE!


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