Pay It Forward

I parked my car and walked towards the Subway.

Yes I had Subway for lunch too.

A black guy who looked like he was in his late teens or early twenties asked for change to get food.

I offered to buy him a sandwich. He asked if he should come in with me or tell me, I told him to come in.

People stared as we walked in together because everyone else that was already ordering had been approached by him.

I had him order first. BLT on white foot long.

When we got to the cashier I asked if he wanted a combo and he said yes.

He was timid and soft spoken. I wanted to ask him what his situation was but I didn’t want to pry. I knew that all I could do was to feed him and keep him in my prayers.

After I paid, he said thank you and the awkward person I am replied, “have a good day”.

How can he have a good day when he has to beg people for food?

All I wanted out of this was for him to have hope in himself to be a better person. I don’t know what brought him to this situation but believing in the kindness of others can push you through the hardest times.

It made me feel good to be able to help those in need.

People are jaded because there are so many fucked up people around fucking each other over. If we do the opposite, more people will want to give and not always take!

Of course I had to take a photo of him.

He was actually very clean. Wouldn’t have guessed that he could be a beggar.


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