Boy Who Cried Wolf

In this case, it would be the girl who cried wolf.

And that girl would be me.

I know my dating history and I’m not here to apologize for the experiences I’ve encountered in the past years of my dating adult life.

With each relationship I gave it my all because that is how I live.

I don’t believe in protecting my heart with a wall so high that at the end, when it doesn’t work out, I have regrets.

One thing I’ve learned is that a heart breaks and mends together in no time, so trying to save a piece for my sanity and pride is just not worth it.

I have a great skill when it comes to dating and it is that I can forget about everything that has happened in the past. Emotions included. I want to say that it is only possible for me because I do give it my all at that moment in time.

A new relationship sails into my life and all I’m consumed with is that, and only that.

What I feel now is nothing like what I’ve felt before. Everything is different. Everything is equal, reciprocated and appreciated.

Do people even know how it feels to be appreciated nowadays?

Or even to have reciprocation? It’s such a rare quality in relationships.

Everyone is trying to get more from the other while having to do as little work as possible. Those are the types of relationships I was used to. Not knowing at the time how fucked up it could be for my well being. Being in a different place allows me to look back and pinpoint the difference in the levels of commitment.

I’m saying this one last time.


Life goes on…

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